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Clinical Trials by Urban Tribe
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8/10 Brian 18 November 2006
As Phil gets increasingly buried under boxes of great records we've got to sell, I sit here scratching my head wondering how to do the Urban Tribe album justice. Rephlex, as one of the country's most pioneering electronic labels, are usually on the ball & this is the sort of music that makes our Ant ooze pleasure, like a cat with a juicy dead mouse in it's feral gob. But I've the job of instructing you to invest in it's sharp, minimal Detroit grooves. Icy electroid beat-scapes for the true tech head are the order of the day here. I really don't feel the 12" did them many favours as this music honestly works beautifully in the long playing format. If 'Clinical Trials' has similarities to the legendary duo Drexciya then that may be due to the fact this feller was DJ Stingray, their in-house chum. This is the logical conclusion to Kraftwerk's perfect electro vision. Crystaline future music for the head & feet, for home or club. The sound of tomorrow, today. Lovely. CD/Dbl LP


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