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Tour t-shirt Purple text on Black cotton SIZE M.

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Tour t-shirt Purple text on Black cotton SIZE L.

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Unconditionally Guaranteed by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
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5/10 Rob F 12th July 2017

You don't get many Beefheart t-shirts on the market, and those you do see tend to stick to the obvious album covers and photos, so it's interesting to see a t-shirt based on a replica of the tour crew t-shirts on Beefheart's 1974 "tragic band" tour, where his Magic Band resigned the week before the tour and he had to take a bunch of session musicians with him to Europe, playing what is universally considered his blandest, most disappointing album (Unconditionally Guaranteed) without any of the spark or creativity of his finally honed Magic Band members. So if you fancy being seen in a t-shirt that celebrates being a roadie on his worst ever tour of his worst ever album then fill your boots (I mean..wardrobe)


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