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At War With The Mystics by The Flaming Lips
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7/10 Penrith Steve 5th July 2015

It might not be the best Flaming Lips album and it does pale in caparison to it's predecessors "The Soft Bulletin" and "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" but there are some moments that make this good. "The W.A.N.D." is the best track. "Mr. Ambulance Driver" is good and reminds me of German electronica-ists The Notwist. Then there's "My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion" which is beautiful and you can just see Wayne Coyne singing it standing on star dressed like Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka. I can find great things in this album which is more than I can say for what they've done after it.

2/10 MissingPlanet 4th September 2014

Oh dear. What happened? Yay! A new Flaming Lips record went many, many people even though the teaser Mr. Ambulance Driver had been deeply uninspiring. In the CD player it goes and on comes The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. Fun, but nothing earth shattering. Then you sit for song after song whilst the quality varies from dross to filler and back again. Track 10 rolls around and The W.A.N.D. sounds like merciful relief even though heard without the rest of the album it’s merely OK. Thankfully there are only two songs left and you sit in silence wondering if it really was that bad. A few days later you steel yourself to listen to it again and it’s worse because you know it’s coming..


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