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Mummi Kutoo by Mummi Kutoo
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10/10 Malcolm 21st October 2012

This CD has probably been sitting on a shelf at Norman Records for ages. Someone at Norman Records will eventually get fed up of having this in stock and put it into a clearance sale. It still won't sell and in the end someone at Norman Records will decide it's time to throw it out of the window or send it to the charity shop. I would urge you (Norman Records person in charge of getting rid of sticky stock) to give it a listen before you send it away to the CD graveyard. I know thee are people all over the place who will tell you about "the greatest albums of all time" which usually include something by Oasis and The Beatles. Neither of those bands have recorded anything close to the greatest album of all time. Firstly because this is the greatest album of all time and neither of those bands recorded this or something that sounds anything like this and secondly all of the people who want to tell you about "The greatest albums of all time" will never listen to this album and forever be walking around in circles with dog poo shoes which they describe as encrusted travelling companions. I can promise you with my fingers crossed that you will probably receive more technically stunning reviews for other albums with commas and punctuation in all the right places but they (the people that write reviews- excluding me) have not got the balls to buy this CD. I know a shrimp from a worm and a kingfisher from a crow. I know this album will make your life better and I don't sell ice cream for a living but that is neither here nor there. By the light of a magical 60w bulb we must rejoice with the stunning sounds of Mummi Kutoo. Bye and stuff. Buy with stuff.


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