Do You Want To? by Franz Ferdinand

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Do You Want To? by Franz Ferdinand
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4/10 Brian 27 November 2006
Franz Ferdinand. God almighty. Hey boys? How about you conquer the world, have a kip then get up, scratch yer spotty, skinny pale Scottish arses, switch the radio on & study the airwaves for hours honing in on the most irritating, infectious hooks & choruses ever known to man (they're called Stock Aitkin & Waterman ears, them lugs you need for this task) then write your big comeback single around said pilfered annoying as fuck 'hooks' to everyone's utter astonishment & dismay. I'm not putting this 'Do You Want To' single on. It drives us completely mental. I can't get it out of my head. It's both absolutely fantastic & utterly appalling at the same time. The album's much less upsetting being more of the usual really. But this? This is a joke. Single of the week. 7", 2xCDs on Domino

9/10 Jack 5th January 2015

An amazingly fun track in the spirit of their first album. Franz Ferdinand have taken Britain by storm with Alex's deep commanding voice and their 'mod' like aesthetic. As the song says, we are "lucky lucky" that this group keeps pulling out such a unique brand of infectious pop music. Bring on more good stuff.

10/10 pip

This song is brilliant. why skip the song, you turdlinger.


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