Here's what happened when unpredictable doom/pop trio Boris met tireless noise bastard Merzbow for the second time in 2005 (following 2002's 'Megatone' collab), finally on vinyl. It's a more understated piece than you might expect from such a noisy collective, starting gently before enveloping the listener in overwhelming waves of howling feedback and digital abuse. Only 1,200 pressed!

Vinyl Double LP £22.49 HH66692LP

Ltd 2LP on Hydra Head. Edition of 1200 copies.

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Sun Baked Snow Cave by Boris with Merzbow
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8/10 Mike 19 September 2014

Here's a lush vinyl reissue of Boris and Merzbow's second collaboration, 2005's 'Sun Baked Snow Cave', a single 62-minute piece which followed their 2002 head-to-head 'Megatone'. On this one the inter-generational quartet of prolific Japanese noisemakers are in surprisingly restrained form, carving out a patient and detailed piece which slowly drifts from plaintive plucked guitar notes and twitching, pulsating static into a maelstrom of red-hot noise, before easing the listener back to earth with some delicate hallucinatory ambience.

Side A focuses on the aforementioned static and plucked guitar, while on side B the static progresses into swirling buzzes and clicks accompanied by a grittily rumbling bass and long, smoothly sustained guitar howls, move on to C and the guitar gains an angrily metallic tenor as it creaks and buzzes against a mounting onslaught of deconstructed sonic scree before everything is blurred together into a claustrophobic grinding fog which on side D eases into gently lapping static as some softly plucked guitars ease us into a surprisingly melodic and concordant (in the context of this LP at least) closing passage, the static eventually melting away in favour of the redemptive electric buzz of a guitar drone. It's a musical journey, as they say.


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