Souvlaki by Slowdive

A much needed reissue of Slowdive’s second album, Souvlaki from 1993. Hailed as their best album, it doesn’t take long to see why; the classics are on here and they’re ready to make your eyes glaze over, your shoulders slump and your whole body just sink under the bed covers as their blissed, reverbing hot air balloon of sound gently takes you away. Played early in the morning, in the dark, after some booze for best effects.    

CD comes as a 2 disk pack with extra tunes and two remixes.

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Souvlaki by Slowdive
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9/10 Evan 25th November 2013

Damn, I wish Shoegaze was still going strong. Yes, ya man Kevin Shields may have released a stormer of a record into 2013 with 'mbv' and bands like TOY may be giving a half glare toward their shoes, and well, I'm loving the psychedelic age we've found ourselves in recently with Tame Impala, Temples, Pond and the rest, but hey, these guys really had it.

Shields may have sung about cigarettes in bed but these guys soundtracked it. The whole album has a drunken, blissfully stoned vibe to it. It sounds like lounging with some mates in your room late at night, slowly getting more and more disorientated and waking up the next day, bleary-eyed, a little confused but still in the wave that Slowdive gently immerses you in.
Tracks such as 'Sing' are just waves of sound which really does just flow over you. It feels like a moment, not something that can be recreated, not something that you can totally recall even having just listened to it. It leaves you confused but really wanting more.

It is a shame that band members Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell are now creating acoustic albums, good albums, some beautiful tracks, but Slowdive's short lifespan has left me wanting more. Tracks such as 'When the Sun Hits' are beautiful slices of euphoric haze. The vocals from Halstead are fantastically universal, no flash, just the right voice for the song. Combine that with Goswell's eerie, otherworldly vocals and there is a compelling, beauty created. This is at its best with the famous track 'Alison'. The vocals get me on this every time but it's the wailing guitar that builds over the chorus which just makes this a track that will forever imprint itself on whoever listens to it.

9/10 Pod 18th July 2013

A Benchmark in the sound and progression of the shoegaze sound of the nineties, this is where they got it so right in so many aspects of their sound and songcraft, the sublime opener "alison" leads on to maybe one of the most beautiful songs slowdive ever made "machine gun" rachel goswells vocals are perfect here.

The 2cd Reissue collects all the relevant b-sides etc from this period and go well with the album, not a mishmash that detracts from the album at all like some cash-ins can be an album that still sounds great 20 years later....christ i must be getting old!

10/10 Lloyd 9th July 2013

Slowdive's second effort is often regarded as their best, and rightly so. The album opens with seminal Shoegaze anthem Alison and instantly washes you over with towering waves of swirling guitars. Silken vocals and dreamy distortion are a mainstay of the album; like mixing My Bloody Valentine's Loveless with a pinch of Cocteau Twins, stirring, and then garnishing with a tiwst of Brian Eno (who's ambient input can be heard on Sing and Here She Comes). Souvlaki Space Station is exactly what is says it is, a journey to outer space through cascades of delay, and Dagger is an intimate is a track, seemingly, of heartbreak and serves as a stripped down and poignant end to an otherwise epic album.

The result is something beautiful, the perfect blend of noisy Shoegaze and Dream Pop. It follows on extremely well from the band's first album Just For A Day, which very much laid the foundations for Souvlaki in terms of sound and songwriting.

The album often comes up as an essential listen for fans of Shoegaze and even after just one listen it is clear as to why, it survived panning from critics at its release to become a staple of the genre and one of the crowning jewels in the music of the 1990s.

9/10 Adam Customer rating (no review), 3rd June 2020
10/10 Teo Customer rating (no review), 27th January 2020
9/10 Selene Customer rating (no review), 30th October 2019
8/10 Stephan Customer rating (no review), 24th October 2019



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