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Excerpts from The Diary Of Todd Zilla by Grandaddy
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1/10 Brian 27 November 2006
I for one, can not fathom why I suddenly loath Grandaddy when they were once my favourite band in the world. I'll still go back to 'The Sophtware Slump' & stretch out in a blissful state but 'Sumday' bored the shit outta me. I think they've concentrated on the ELO elements & started putting more geeky noises on the records but this supposed "lo-fi" stop-gap mini LP. 'Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla' (Gaaah!) has so many of the correct ingredients to bake a delicious bearded skateboarder cake laced with good time 'erb but THE WRONG KIND OF SODDING FLOUR! Curses! Actually, I don't loath this, just feel; a little contempt towards it! So if you dug the last album, this is actually a little more interesting! LP/CD on V2


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