Here we have a reissue of one of the classic Sunn O))) albums, on which the cowled duo set out to go as dark as they possibly could. To this effect, Black One features guest appearances from Oren Ambarchi, John Weise, Wrest and Malefic: the latter was locked in a coffin and his claustrophobic screams recorded. Heavy. Gatefold re-press on Southern Lord.

Limited Vinyl Double LP £28.99 SUNN50

Limited repress gatefold 2LP on Southern Lord.

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Vinyl Double LP £24.99 SUNN50LP

Deluxe 180g vinyl reissue 2LP on Southern Lord on GREY wax.

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CD on Southern Lord.

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Black One by Sunn O)))
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9/10 Tom 24th May 2018

Perhaps best known as Sunn O)))’s scariest album and their best until the release of Monoliths and Dimensions four years later, Black One is a harrowing but fascinating combination of Sunn’s customary drone metal and blatant black metal worship. Featuring a host of guest musicians including Wrest (Leviathan), Malefic (Xasthur) and Australian multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi, Black One was composed piecemeal over a number of years, combining live and in-studio recordings in an amazingly cohesive way. “It Took the Night to Believe” may be one of the more well-known songs on the album, but there’s so much other great stuff going on throughout the album; the abstract cover of Immortal’s "Cursed Realms (Of the Winterdemons)" featuring harsh noise from John Wiese; "Báthory Erzsébet", an incredibly bleak tribute to Quorthon featuring an intense Malefic vocal performance recorded from inside of a casket. There’s even a classic Sunn drone in the form of “Orthodox Caveman” to keep the dronesters happy. Incredible stuff.

9/10 Jack 30th January 2016

Sun O))) gives this world of weak humans something beautiful; most of us will never properly grasp such beauty. Unless you're familiar with the sort of elitist soundscapes created by outfits like Lustmord and Pan Sonic, you won't understand the amazing things some of these "metal" guys are capable of doing. Black One takes all the accepted cliches and throws them out of the window. Cookie-monster vocals are the only cue as to where these guys come from, aside from that it's a long, long way off from your burnout older brother's Venom LPs.


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