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Forgotten Foundation by Smog
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8/10 Brian 19 April 2012

Haha, this is from before I'd even heard of the guy; his pre-Julius Ceasar second album full of rattly lo-fi miniatures; fuzzy bedroom folk; broken wonky ballads smothered by a younger version of that cracked burr; reedy scrawly little distorted songs and free-form amateur jams that will come as a shock to recent converts. This is even from before when Domino records really existed, before pinching Drag City's roster of revolutionary US indie rock en-masse, back when our Hood were the first UK band to take inspiration from PiL, Pavement and Sarah records and all their songs were scrappy gems recorded on the worst equipment. Ever. Like Swell Maps but more feckless. But American bands and artists had been doing that freely for years, the '80s didn't almost destroy music in the US like it did on this tiny isle so folks like BC were able to just sit there and spew out squalling experimental track after fuzzed-out discordant wonder like this and no-one's mum said, “Get a job, or Thatcher and her cronies will spank your sorry ass and anyway, who the heck would ever want to listen to this awful dross, it's all out of tune and badly recorded and he can't play or sing or ANYTHING”. I really like this schizoid wonder from over the pond, not as much as Rain on Lens but it's ace and hasn't been out on vinyl for donkeys. It's from 1992 when music was genuinely exploring pure new ground and didn't owe anyone anything, technological (un)novation and ideas ruled and records were the coolest thing on the planet. It's all bloody cassettes these days alas.


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