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Colony Of Electric Machines by Bong Ra
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9/10 Brian 28 November 2006
That Vynalogica series returns with Volume 10 by Bong-Ra, a man who usually leaves me a bit cold with his ill fitting splintercore/deconstructed rave desperation. This antique electronics emporium CEM in the Netherlands has provided the dreadlocked one with some real inspiration as he opens this 4 tracker with a stunning display of stuttering electro-tech desolation including one of the fartiest low-end synth sounds reverberating through it you could wish for. This ain't breakcore atall. It's the kind of paranoid, sinister creeping menace you get spilling out of an obscure Hymen release. All distorted pissed alien monster giant robot staggering through a post holocaust city on track 2, eating burning cars & burping haunted sirens. Side 2 dips a tad, more understated & abstract, like a sketch. You can tell he's really enjoying tweaking the crazy analogue sounds he's getting from this digital eschewing equipment. The last one is where he lets his dancehall bone fall out of his crusty pants. It all comes across pretty well though. Sort of what I wanted from those DMX 7"s on Rephlex, splicing bleak skreeing terror with some pretty cool eerie basslines & pummeling distorted beats. It all makes an excellent E.P. indeed.


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