Boom In The Night by Bush Tetras

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Boom In The Night by Bush Tetras
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9/10 Li'l Biz 03 May 2012

ROIR records - thank you! I wasn't familiar with the Bush Tetras' stuff until last year when the label re-issued the outstanding post-punk classic 'Too Many Creeps' backed with 'Can't Be Funky' (still in stock at the time of writing by the way) on 7”. Now they follow through with the complete recordings of the group on one LP. Oh happy frickin' days. So, Bush Tetras we're a short-lived post-punk band from New York who, though very popular and influential on the local NY scene, never really broke out commercially. Their influence, and that of their contemporaries - The Contortions (also featuring guitarist Pat Place), ESG and Liquid Liquid (among others) is undeniable with acts like Erase Errata pretty much wholesale lifting from the blueprint laid out here.

Their schtick (if you wanna call it that) was forging punk aesthetics with danceable grooves (it's NY - you gotta have danceable grooves, right?), reggae and more eccentric experimentation which would later inform the No Wave scene. In parts this does haveFugazi-esque vibe - as suggested in the press release - but to me this has a lot more in common with the emerging UK scene of the time with the likes of Gang Of Four, The Pop Group, PiL, The Slits and even The Cure coming to mind. Guess I'd never thought of the Fugazi thing but they've definitely pinched bits from 'Moonlite' and 'Cowboys In Africa'. Anyway, I'm tailing off. Dee Pop (drummer for the group) has done us the courtesy of compiling and remastering this collection and for that I thank her. It's pretty much perfect party music for punks. You should check it out. Also, you gotta love Roir's attitude to putting out records - this is less than a tenner!! It can be done if you're not a money grabbing dickballs.


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