Is This It by The Strokes

The Strokes’ dynamic 2001 debut Is This It, with hard-to-resist faves like Last Nite and Someday which helped the growly Julian Casablancas and co. wedge themselves firmly into the indie rock canon. The New Yorkers’ kickstarter for the 2000s indie scene, available on regular LP from Rough Trade or a limited audiophile version on Music On Vinyl.

Limited Vinyl LP £21.99 MOVLP085

Limited 180 gram audiophile pressing on Music On Vinyl.

  • Limited edition
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Vinyl LP £15.75 RTRADELP030

LP on Rough Trade.

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Vinyl LP £21.99 07863 68045-1

U.S Gatefold LP on RCA.

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CD £10.49

CD on Rough Trade.

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Is This It by The Strokes
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8/10 Phil 28 January 2007
And I guess the one that most of you are into would be the Strokes LP and I can confirm it's quite useful. If you liked the singles there's absolutely no reason as to why you would not want this LP. Very American sounding, very Fall sounding, kind of New Wave and a little punky but poppy too. The only thing that's bad about this is that there's only 6 new songs on there and 5 of 'em you've got already on the 2 singles if you have them already which cheapens it somewhat. Aside from that 'Is This It' is a corking LP though they're not the great hope as some might say.

8/10 Penrith Steve 25th October 2014

I remember my mate telling me, after I’d been raving about the first two Strokes singles and then forcing the album down his ears, that The Strokes will only make one good album. It is, therefore, quite interesting reviewing this after the fact, as upon hearing their second, “Room On Fire” and subsequent releases that he was right. Everything they had was left on “This Is It”, and song-wise, that was a great deal because as mentioned in the previous review, five of the tracks had already been released as extra tracks on “The Modern Age” and “Hard To Explain” singles. The quality of the songs and the energy with which they were performed however, make this is a very good album. I just wish they hadn't made any more. It is concise and to the point, punchy, punky, full of attitude. Buy this, and pretend that they split up immediately afterwards.

9/10 Alberto Customer rating (no review), 14th May 2020



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