Sawayama by Rina Sawayama

After years of stupendous singles and EPs, modern dance music cult icon Rina Sawayama finally preps her first full-length album. Sawayama does everything that long-term fans of hers would expect it to, harking back to shiny, gleaming Nineties R&B pop in its production values but always looking towards the future in its sensibilities. 

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Sawayama by Rina Sawayama
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8/10 Fred MG 01 May 2020

A few months into a decade that should have been short but already feels extremely, unfathomably, brain-meltingly long - Rina Sawayama’s ‘Sawayama’. 

‘Cry Me A River’ with scotch-snap trap flows. Songs that sing about Carly Rae Jepsen as they crib from Carly Rae Jepsen, just as Jepsen herself hath cribbed before. Twangy Shania Twain harmonies floating atop actual, honest-to-God, let's-open-this-pit-up RAGING beatdown riffs - Slipknot unmasked after all these years. Tracks, like ‘XS’, in which nu-metal guitars punch through long-lost Neptunes hits like sound-bleed from the MTV2 Studio across the compound.

Sawayama singing ‘I know there’s nothing that I could say that’s already been said’, ostensibly fumbling for words to describe a classically handsome man but actually about her fact that all doors of expression, to her as a modern popstar, are closed. There is nothing left to say - the elders have seen to that. Why would you even try - didn’t we already have all the songs that we need before that mess that came out of the 90s? Before people had to, in the ‘No Logo’ times, go so deep on whole high-art/low-art thing that some of them never came back? 

'Sawayama' is getting an 8/10. I’m afraid I can’t tell you any more than that.

10/10 Jennita Customer rating (no review), 11th September 2020
8/10 Simon Customer rating (no review), 26th June 2020
1/10 Maddie Customer rating (no review), 26th June 2020
10/10 Luke Customer rating (no review), 11th May 2020


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