Friday Forever by Everything Is Recorded

Friday Forever is the follow-up to the Mercury Music Prize nominated eponymous debut by Everything Is Recorded. It is released through XL Recordings, which is rather convenient as the man behind this particular mask is XL head honcho Richard Russell. There are guest spots for some new artists such as Aitch, FLOHIO and Berwyn, Maria Somerville, Kean Kavanagh, A.K. Paul, James Massiah, Infinite Coles and well-known names such as Ghostface Killah and Penny Rimbaud of Crass - a varied bunch. I think you’ll like this. Yes, you, reading this.

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Friday Forever by Everything Is Recorded
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7/10 Daoud 02 April 2020

The Every Is Recorded project feels like flicking through someone's address book. That address book as it happens, belongs to one of the most connected people in music, XL Recordings founder Richard Russell. Looking at the guest spots is oddly exciting, as though Russell’s given us a sneak peak into the future of music. The debut featured Obongjayar, Wiki and uh, Peter Gabriel, with the first two releasing great records this year.

So who has Russell tapped on ‘Friday Forever’? We’ve got Maria Somerville, Berwyn, Infinite Coles, FLOHIO, James Massiah, A. K. Paul, Kean Kavanagh as well as more established names in Aitch, Ghostface Killah and Penny Rimbaud. And if this record achieves anything, it’s got me interested in the careers of the upstarts. Good job Rich.

Musically it’s what we’ve come to expect from Russell’s productions. Sample heavy pop, hip hop and R&B, though there’s less showboating than on the debut which featured some very expensive cuts ups of Curtis Mayfield and Grace Jones. The furthest Russel goes is to pair FLOHIO featuring ‘I Don’t Want This Feeling To Stop’ sees the irrepressible MC paired with a stuttering reggae flip.

Though Russell has carved out something of a signature style for himself, there’s some nice variety across ‘Friday Forever’. ‘Caviar’, has a sinister sci-fi stomp to it, while ‘The Night’ has some marching band brass to guide us through. ‘This World’ sounds a world away from the rest of the album. A sparse guitar line is joined by Infinite Coles' incredibly tender vocals. He’s joined by a choir, it’s beautiful. 



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