Pedra de 800 Kg by PML Beatz

A breathtaking collection of three face-melting club workouts from Lisbon-based PML Beatz on this 12” vinyl release with the curious title Pedra de 800 Kg. Sibling team Lisandro and Ivan draw on their Portuguese and Angolan heritage, as well as a variety of contemporary global electronic influences. 

Limited Vinyl 12" £12.99 P029

12" on Príncipe. Edition of 300 copies with hand-painted sleeves by the don Márcio Matos.

  • Limited edition
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Pedra de 800 Kg by PML Beatz
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9/10 Daoud 29 January 2020

Príncipe have long been one of those “if you know you know” labels. Literally every single record the Lisbon-based label puts out is irresponsibly filled with dance music bangers that never fail to thrill. Their hit rate puts them alongside the likes of Whities and Nyege Nyege Tapes, and if this is your first time reading about them, please have a dig.

Their latest release is ‘Pedra 800 Kg’ a 3 track EP from PML Beatz, and I am pleased to announce that the dance music banger ball has NOT been dropped. ‘No Cubau’ is built on a droning vocal sample, out of which emerges all manner of rhythm and energy. The drums are sparse and syncopated, and the melody is plucked out on guitar. It all leaves a lot of space. Space that is further emphasised by those very Príncipe style vocal cries that almost act like more drums. It gives the track an urgency and insistence it might otherwise lack. 

Track 2, ‘Manganza’ is a bit darker than what I’ve come to expect from the label. Once again they build on a drone, but this one a dark and crusty synth. The drumming is even more sparse, which lets dread slip in. ‘Manganza’ is the sound of Príncipe’s evil twin. 

The title track closes the record. It’s by far the most frenetic and busy of the record, knocking along very happily at a tidy 150 BPM. 


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