s/t by Sandoz

Richard H. Kirk is most famous for being a member of Sheffield industrialists Cabaret Voltaire. He also struck out on his own in 1992 under the name Sandoz, a name taken from the lab that developed LSD in the ‘30s. He has released 12 albums under that name to date. Second Circle have been sifting through his archive and found four tracks that were originally released in the early days of his solo career and made one stunner of an EP.

Vinyl 12" £12.99 SC015

4-track 12" EP on Second Circle.

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s/t by Sandoz
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8/10 Fred MG 21 February 2020

I didn't sleep very well last night. Then, after an hour-long walk to work through the wind and rain, I discovered that I had left my lunch at home. Given that the Norman Records office is in the middle of an industrial estate and that there is nowhere to buy food within a 15-minute radius, I’m staring at a beige snack-box lunch instead of the nice meal I spent a fair while preparing last night. All in all, it's not been a great start for the day.

Given the circumstances, you might think that I'm not in the mood for an EP of meditative dubwise house joints when I could be channelling my rage through something louder and more torrid. However, this Sandoz compilation from the excellent Music From Memory is actually really doing it for me. I’m not sure if it’s the fourth world feel to these tracks which is rinsing me out, alerting me to the possibility of new bliss beyond immediate circumstance, or the simple rush of melody, harmony and rhythm that has long been a balm. Whatever it is, it’s working.

It feels fitting listening to this stuff in the immediate aftermath of Andrew Weatherall’s passing. These tracks emerged in the early 90s, the same time and place as some of Weatherall’s most vital work, and the application of dub sonics and electro-utopian sensibilities to dancefloor rollers very much occupies the same space as Weatherall classics like ‘Screamadelica’. Furthermore, Weatherall shared with Sandoz mastermind Richard Kirk an understanding of the interconnectedness of genres, something that only some post-punk lifers were privy to. Kirk channels that here into a set of bushy-tailed Balearicism which can right any ailing day.


  • s/t by Sandoz


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