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37 Minute Workout Vol 2 came about following Mr Haswell's visit to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva and dinner with IT pioneer, Ted Nelson - not a gym session as I had suspected. The music is typically raw and unrestrained, reacting like a wild, angry cat that's gobbled up a couple of synth modules. Aural aerobics that still sound like no-one else on the planet. 

Limited Vinyl LP £16.49 DIAG055

LP on Diagonal, mastered and cut at D&M, Berlin. Edition of 300 copies.

  • Limited edition
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37 Minute Workout Vol. 2 by Russell Haswell
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8/10 Ant 12 December 2019

Listening to the sequel to Haswell’s ‘37 Minute Workout’, I can’t help but imagine him in his studio decked out in full on welder’s clobber with a massive face mask protecting his eyeballs from melting from the pure white light and sparks flying from his machines. There’s something about this music that feels dangerous - as though the very act of imbibing it into yer lugholes could freakin’ electrocute you. I’m actually quite into the buzz of being electrocuted (but not mega frazzle me to death type shocks, cuz I’m really not into being technically dead), but there’s something genuinely thrilling about this force of nature coursing through your body and I get this same buzz from this record. It doesn’t feel like there’s this object in the middle i.e the record - rather it feels like Haswell has plugged us directly into his modules, his computer - into his BRAIN.

There’s some right skullfukkerz on here; the spangled acid mayhem of ‘Dancing On The Head Of An Eagle’ and ‘Starting Something You're Not Able To Finish’ is basically what I imagine it might sound like after dropping about twenty tabs of acid then driving a bulldozer that transforms into a 303, smashing right into the glass structure of Crystal Palace. Even the “mellower” moments have a wild intensity as his drum machine or whatever it is he’s using for percussion sounds like it’s possessed by a blootered Gremlin. Total mind squishers and tremendous fun, naturally.


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