An Evening With The Home Current by The Home Current

An Evening With The Home Current is intended as a companion piece to Martin Jensen’s latest The Home Current EP, Palermo Traxx Vol 2. Consisting of two lengthier tracks left over from those sessions and transformed into a continuous, one-hour mix, the material is released on CD only via Castles In Space.

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An Evening With The Home Current by The Home Current
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8/10 Fred MG 20 December 2019

It’s quite a bold move, presenting your new work as a purchasable mix. While jockeying tunes is part and parcel of the club experience, asking people to buy pre-blended tracks can cause consternation. It’s probably something to do with the fact that people generally expect to put money down for a pristine, fully-formed product - the notion that they might not be getting mint-condition music means that some are turned off by things like ‘An Evening With The Home Current’, the new full-length from Martin Jensen’s The Home Current.

However, if you’re of that camp, we urge you to get into a different headspace for this one. You see, the hour-long, single-track ‘An Evening With The Home Current’ gets to the core of why even people who love techno don’t tend to buy techno LPs - this stuff simply makes more sense when it’s mixed. Indeed, we’d wager that, chopped up into individual units, ‘An Evening With The Home Current’ wouldn’t be as compelling as it is.

This isn’t to say that these tracks are not compelling in and of themselves. Far from it - Jensen’s productions here are warm and welcoming, richly tonal while still packing considerable dancefloor punch. Within the context of slightly retrograde DJ tools he also shows good range, moving slickly between broken-beat electro, burbling acid, halcyon neo-trance and a whole variety of other styles.

But this CD’s real genius lies in the way the beats move into one another, never allowing new melodies and harmonies to get too comfortable while constantly exciting the listener with new nuggets of sound. ‘An Evening With The Home Current’ is immersive to a point where you can be completely swept up in the flow. Don’t bother waiting, perhaps in vain, for the full-length tracks to emerge - these ones are the ones you want.



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