Experimental electronic producer NCHX - also known as NOCHEXXX - releases his kaleidoscopic album 'B•O•M'. Spanning six funky workouts over two sides of vinyl, it’s a whirlwind of influences from the electronic/rave underground - from techno and house to bleep, post-dubstep and beyond. 

Vinyl LP £13.99 PH001

LP on Plastic Horse aka Nochexx / CHXFX.

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8/10 Ant 12 December 2019

Children of the night, welcome to the evil rave your parents warned you about. The drug and sex-fuelled acid party The Sun rag got you excited about in 1988. A place where people lose their minds to futuristic squelching sounds and repetitive beats AKA the greatest place on planet earth.

Providing sonic entertainment/carnage for the evening is your host and humble electronic musician NCHX also known as Nochexxx / CHXFX. From his machines, he elicits some proper scuzzy mutoid waste acid filth for the true freaks. Candy ravers shit their Cyberdog trousers at the dark and depraved atmosphere he transmits into the darkest, shadiest corners of the rave. You’ve necked so many pharmaceuticals your fellow ravers have transformed into the gurning cast of the Muppets and what’s coming from the speakers is the bastard spawn of AFX/Caustic Window the grubby acid sounds from The Hague i.e Bunker/Unit Moebius all with the rawnesss of Jamal Moss or Helena Hauff. Basically the good shizzle. 

‘Hunting Hides’ Kinda reminds a wee bit of Mike Paradinas working incognito on those two under-rated EPs as Frost Jockey with its sizzling, rough, distorted fuzzy edges and there’s the odd bit of 303 action that sounds so wet you’ll need to check your underwear. Getting an Umwelt vibe too from the melting walls closing in vibes of ‘Entercol’ and a smidge of Polygon Window about it too. ‘Seventh Gun Territory’ switches gear into a polyrhythmic/tribal/clattering voodoo carnival. Meanwhile over on the flipside the acid-planet-rock of ‘Cyber Tush’ takes a robo-b-boy swerve like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa and R2-D2 laying it down block party style where the punch is pure LSD. ‘Teflontuan’ is a full-on Kosmik Kommando flavoured tekno acid thumper blast into hyperspace, before ‘Location Scout’ reins the energy in a few notches but keeps the brain dancing with alien/avian chirping. kinda reminds me of something that woulda come out from Jay Denham on Black Nation outta Kalamazoo or the Sativae label outta Edinburgh. If you're old enough to have been down with that stuff in 90s. All proper tackle!



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