Disco Volador by The Orielles

Written and recorded in double-quick time to strike while the iron’s still hot following the success of last year’s debut Silver Dollar Moment, The Orielles return with their sophomore album. Inspired by their time on the road, Disco Volador benefits from the addition of a fourth member on keyboards and the drones and delays brought to the mix by producer Marta Salogni. It should be another triumph for a band who’ve marked themselves out as one of the country’s finest newcomers. 

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Disco Volador by The Orielles
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8/10 Daoud 25 February 2020

As the sun streams through the windows of our 60s Brutalist Concrete Tower Block™ and warms my frigid face, there isn’t a band I want to be listening to more than the Orielles. We sell a lot of self-consciously horrible music here at Norman Records, and while I like horrible music as much as the next record store lifer, sometimes it’s nice to listen to something nice.

And the Orielles are bloody nice aren’t they. ‘Disco Volador’ follows 2018’s ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ and is every bit as bright and charming. Picture the more disco-heavy bits of Stereolabs discography and throw in elements of jazz, funk, and what I imagine must be a hefty dose of Turkish psych revolutionary Selda Bağcan; that’s what you’re getting here.

Which is to say, there’s loads of flanger, lovely tight grooves, and catchy bass lines. Beyond that there’s lots of little touches that scream that the people who put them there are having loads of fun. ‘7th Dynamic Goo’ (what a title!) pretty much fits the profile exactly but for a little rave whistle that pops up when you least expect it. ‘Memoirs of Miso’ has the exact sort of wistful sax solo you want on your bittersweet cosmic disco banger. And ‘Whilst The Flowers Look’ ends with some aggressively panned spoken words which make for one hell of a trip.

Getting in the running for sound of the summer requires an omnipresence that the Orielles are sadly unlikely ever to reach, but if you're asking me, 'Disco Volador' is the sound of the summer.

9/10 Telguapo 7th March 2020

After re-watching the video to' Come Down On Jupiter' about twenty times, and wondering if that guy is just completely clumsy all the time, if he's constantly knocking cups of tea, and worrying about the sugar that's been spilled, I decided I'd listen to the album for some more clues as to what's really going on.

I'm glad I did if you're asking, because it's just become one of those records that you get annoyed with at first, but then after a few more listens you think, bloody 'ell, this is pretty good stuff. Admittedly it's easy to think the singer's voice is grating, and you have no real idea what they are singing about, but then you float away humming the tunes to yourself and wanting to play the damn thing again.

I love the extras, the spoken words, the jazzy feel, and yes now I love her voice too. 'Euro Borealis' made the decision for me, it kicked my shins for a bit, then gave me wine gums, and I walked away thinking yeah... I'm enjoying this. And by the time it gets late and 'Space Samba' comes on you realise that life is beautiful, the tunes are beautiful, and it's only a caberat old chum.

So sit yourself down, strap yourself in, because it's picking up speed, and some of it reminds you of the golden days of Orange Juice, take your protein pills and put your helmet on. Let's see what's out there.


10/10 Sean Customer rating (no review), 13th March 2020



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