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Stones : Dreams is the first ever audio recording from the recently deceased Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks, who passed away last year. Made in conjunction with his close friend Philip Corner, the record consists of quiet, musique concrete meditations, and comes with a 16-page leaflet of diaries, essays and artworks from Hendricks himself. 

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LP on Recital incl. 16-page pamphlet. Limited edition of 220 copies.

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Stones : Dreams by Geoffrey Hendricks with Philip Corner
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9/10 Will 18 October 2019

I'm an avid listener of a podcast called 'Stone Clearing' in which the comedian and amateur petrologist Richard Herring records himself walking round a field and clearing stones from the path. He throws the stones on the ground with the aim of creating and adding to cairns and walls. 'Stone Clearing' is ostensibly a comedy podcast, it's listed under 'Comedy' on iTunes, but there's a certain mysticism to it, not to mention how it's a timely reminder of humans' place in the world. Herring often reminds us that we are but bags of dust and chemicals, alive for less than a geographical blink of an eye, and that rock, stone, mountain, and soil will exist for millennia. 'Stone Clearing' sprung to mind when listening to 'Stones : Dreams' by Geoffrey Hendricks with Philip Corner not least because both concern rocks but also because they are quiet, odd, experimental meditations on our place in the environment. 

'Stones : Dreams' is split into two halves. The first is devoted to Hendricks' music and the other has Corner's music. Hendricks' side is the the highlight. His music was made using, among other things, bags of rocks being thrown across a room and stones being rubbed together. There's a thrilling tangibility to this album. It sounds naked and bare. 'Stones : Dreams' is strange to listen to. In some parts you begin to ponder all the life decisions you made that led to you listening to a man muck about with rocks (a similar thing occurs when listening to 'Stone Clearing'), in other parts you let yourself be immersed in the pure and organic world of this album. The album sounds like a man throwing rocks around in a room. Albums are often separated from the listener by microphones, compressors, reverb, but on 'Stones : Dreams' it's like Hendricks is there in the room with you. In the opening piece, 'Rock Music', the rocks that fall and trickle onto the floor seem as though they are spilling over your feet. Likewise, the rocks bashed on floorboards that build to a gathering, I daresay thrilling, crescendo seem to be right there in front of you.    Corner's half is a far more dense affair. He uses, according to the liner notes, 'prongs, Korean cymbals, and a shoe'. Hendricks' pieces are more magical but Corner's piece, 'Music for Sky Slate Wall' carries the same tangibility. The sounds are raw. Listening seems almost voyeuristic. It's a fascinating counterpoint to both 'Rock Music' and 'Cortile'. There are phrases such as 'slate slate' 'large clouds' 'dull yet livid red' intoned in a flat and emotionless voice. Corner's piece is almost like Hendricks' side has been unfolded, deconstructed, and interrogated.    Ok, listen. I'm deafened by your cries of 'The emperor has no clothes on!'. Seriously deafened. But just put your cynicism and your bitterness away, and listen to 'Stones : Dreams'. You won't hear anything this real today. 



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