First new Deathprod album in 15 years as Oslo's Helge Sten re-constitutes the project that has already produced some of the most immersive ambient music of our times. His previous output has always been raw and powerful politically aware ambient music which has drawn comparisons to GAS, Swans and Tim Hecker. A much needed comeback to soundtrack these turbulent times. Liner notes by unlikely fan Will Oldham who reveals he listens to Deathprod with his mum.  

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Occulting Disk by Deathprod
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8/10 Ant 23 October 2019

Before I can proceed any further, there’s an image I need to expel from my mind -- not because it’s unpleasant but it’s distracting. That is, I can’t help but visualize Will Oldham and his mother all cosied up somewhere in Kentucky, Bonny ‘Queen’ Billy herself gently swaying back and forth in a rocking chair, nursing a steaming hot mug of cocoa and zoning out to Deathprod’s eternal dark ambient classic ‘Morals and Dogma’ with her son. You couldn’t make this stuff up, right? I haven’t because in the sales notes for Helge Sten’s first album as Deathprod in fifteen years, Oldham writes about listening to Deathprod in the car with his mother. She sounds pretty cool. If I were to even attempt to play that in the car in my mother’s presence she’d probably throw me out of the moving vehicle and leave the vultures to finish me off.

Sooooo… I damn near soiled myself in a combination of shock and excitement when news of this surfaced. Then when I hit play on the audio, my underwear received a similar threat through a combination of fear and anxiety. The overwhelming feeling I get from this album is that I’ve been bundled into the boot of a car by some Norwegian satanic cult and dumped deep into the mountains in total blackness. Lost, cold, disoriented and wandering aimlessly through the dense fog of the freezing night. Sten’s soundscapes are evocative of the landscape, towering rock formations seem to be vibrating, strange forces toil beneath the lake. The earth becomes alive at night and Norse Gods have awoken from their slumber. Play at high volume in total darkness and relish the FEAR.



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