The Ganzfeld, or 'total field', effect details humans' tendency to perceive patterns in formless sensory information. An example of this is imagining melodies during the 'holocaust section' of a My Bloody Valentine concert. It's an effect that Erkki Veltheim has explored on his new album 'Ganzfield Experiment', where he has attempted to induce 'an ecstatic experience... that transports the audience outside of their rational, everyday selves.' Out on Room40. 

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Limited edition clear vinyl LP on Room40.

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Ganzfeld Experiment by Erkki Veltheim
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8/10 Ant 11 September 2019

Whoa! This one is really messing with my equilibrium and spatial awareness. It’s kinda freaky and wild yet totally enjoyable - not dissimilar to relentlessly spinning on the waltzers at a fairground. We get forty-five minutes of mind-bending transcendental minimalism from Australian artist Erkki Veltheim. Indeed this record is like a sonic equivalent to a Ganzfeld Experiment, probing all kinds of hallucinatory patterns and geometries, or staring into Brion Gysin’s strobing Dream Machine. I have no idea what he’s doing with his electric violin or how he’s manipulating the sound (let’s not spoil the magic) but the effect feels as though I’m attached to whirring chopper blades on one of the helicopters from Stockhausen’s Helikopter-Streichquartett (Helicopter Quartet). At this point, I have no idea whether I’m upside down, back to front, inside out… a total head spinner. Anything that provides hallucinations and doesn’t involve chemicals I’m 100% down for. Clear wax to boot.


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