Definitely Maybe, aka The Best League In The World, is now more than a quarter of a century old. The 1994 debut LP from a bunch of retiring church mice known as Oasis still towers over the British popsphere, crushing all who dare challenge it - Blur, Lewis Capaldi and nearly all of the Gallaghers’ subsequent creative endeavours to name but three (that’s so sad, Siri play ‘Wonderwall’).

The thing is though … it’s still good. Like, SO good. Despite all that’s come since - lad(ette) culture, countless dreadful bands ripping off the 'Definitely Maybe' sound, ‘The Hindu Times’ - despite all that we know now, these songs still slam every single time you listen to them. ‘Supersonic’. ‘Live Forever’. ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’. Who could deny their majesty? 'Definitely Maybe' deserves its place at the top of the pile.

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Definitely Maybe (25th Anniversary Edition) by Oasis
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7/10 Will 29 August 2019

Definitely Maybe has a lot to answer for. A lot. It spawned so many bands that were simply dreadful. Oasis helped to reinvigorate a stupid, arrogant nationalism that persists to this day (flag guitar innit). They helped to catalyse the nihilism and selfishness of the 1990s. They were and are an integral part of "lad" culture and continue to be a shhhyyeeeeiiiining example of the way that stagnant art is resuscitated over and over again in this country. 


It's easy to forget that Oasis were once a pretty interesting, vital band and not just two egomaniacal brothers having the world's longest fratricidal fight for their mum's love. To be honest I'd forgotten that once upon a time Noel Gallagher wrote some alright songs and Liam Gallagher wasn't big on Twitter.

I think everyone who even vaguely enjoys music will find something to enjoy in 'Definitely Maybe'. Well, I think to be honest it's the people who only vaguely like music that enjoy Oasis the most but that's not the point. I'd recommend listening to this album again because there's something quite weird about actually sitting down to listen to a longform piece of work by the Manchester group. They're part of the furniture now so there's definitely something to be said for properly engaging with brilliant songs like 'Rock 'N' Roll' and 'Live Forever'. 

There's so much baggage towed around with Oasis nowadays, but it would take someone with a withered heart of ice not to enjoy even a few songs off this album.



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