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Greyhound by Quench is preceded by a new single titled ‘Skavenger Orphan’. That track is all slick sci-fi beats that sound like they could soundtrack a city at night. Atmospheric and dynamic. Touched Music have already confirmed that all money from sales of the EP will go towards HUG Homes for unwanted greyhounds. 

Limited Vinyl 12" £15.99

Clear vinyl 12" EP on Touched Music aka Funckarma.

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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Greyhound EP by Quench
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8/10 Jamie 29 August 2019

Sleek, sci-fi-inspired IDM made by composers of sweet music for an even sweeter, sleeker cause: namely the charity HUG (Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds). Both the music and the dogs are deserving of our love; whoever said machines are incapable of engendering such human and dog-worthy emotions clearly misspoke - and here is Exhibit A, m’lud: 'Greyhound EP' by Quench.

Presented on this nifty mover are 7 tracks for our eager ears, nimble neocortex and motivated motor functions. Very nice electronica here, infused with a whole lotta warmth and care. It’s like all those little microrhythms, atmos-chords and spatial melodies were snatched from beneath the (wet) noses of Plaid, Bola and, yes, Black Dog. These smooth sounds come with a side-order of crunchiness to get your tail wagging from the moment the needle drops on the clear vinyl LP. It’s surefooted, lithe and full of love... But so is this record. I advise you to open your home to one (before they’ve all raced away). I’ve just given this copy a tender little scritch, yes it’s MINE!


Quench - Skavenger Orphan - YouTube



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