With a whopping 66 tracks delivered in a taut 80 minutes, Flippies Best Tape saw legendary hip-hop producer Odd Nosdam in his element, piecing together a bewildering range of source material for samples - everything from garage rock to dub and jazz - for one of the most singular sonic experiences in recent memory. Now, it gets a loving double-LP re-issue. 

Vinyl Double LP £22.99 HAM021LP

Black vinyl 2LP on Home Assembly. Housed in a thick, reverse board sleeve. Edition of 400 copies.

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Flippies Best Tape by Odd Nosdam
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9/10 Clinton 03 September 2019

The original beat-tape classic 'Donuts' was made by James Yancey AKA J Dilla in his hospital bed when ill with the blood disease that would eventually kill him. Thankfully when Odd Nosdam made 'Flippies' he was just a bit off colour and not able to work in his normal way. His illness though allowed the (thankfully now fully recovered) Odd Nosdam to make a record which could become one of his defining statements. 

It’s certainly very different from his earlier transmissions. Known initially for his work with post-rock influenced dream rappers cLOUDDEAD, his career has been marked by a refusal to sit still, jumping from label to label until finally Boards of Canada remixed his classic track 'Sisters' and the thought occurred that his slow burning career could easily flower into DJ Shadow legend status.   

But Nosdam kept moving and kept defying the pigeonhole. Here, the dreamy off-kilter sampling and variety of influences of earlier work are still in place but instead of his usual fuzzy psych-influenced electronica you get a series of 66 (plus three more on the download (nice)) short order loops which come from private press and rare records that Nosdam has got his hands on (he can’t own all these right?) The result is the sort of eccentric mixtape that will sound like a holy grail to crate diggers everywhere.

The sheer scope of material he has found is almost unfathomable. Like J Dilla sampling 10cc, Nosdam finds inspiration in hitherto unheralded styles, most notably a heavy dose of 1960s psych rock and funk which sits sometimes awkwardly amongst the reggae, soul and yacht rock he’s dredged up elsewhere. The loops all have that Dilla-esque intentionally-out-of-time flip thing that he pretty much invented and everyone else copied. There’s so many different tracks and ideas it’s hard to keep up but what they all share is a brevity that means if you don’t like one there’ll be another along in a minute. Sometimes it feels less of a home listening LP and more of a vinyl workshop for aspiring rappers to put their rhymes to. It’s a complex, giddying kaleidoscope of sound that basically takes the Dilla blueprint and supersizes it. 

Initially released in three download-only splurges, this 66 track album (out on the increasingly hip-hop leaning Yorkshire label Home Assembly) collects all the best of Nosdam's experiments, reorders them and presents them in a physical format for vinyl lovers everywhere. The cult of 'Flippies' seems to have taken on a life of its own and this is one of the most ambitious records yet from this master of his genre.      

10/10 Paul Customer rating (no review), 19th September 2019



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