Citizen Input by Tomorrow Syndicate

Following up on their brilliant debut album from last year Future Tense and bridging a gap between their second effort expected in 2020, this is a special 10” vinyl EP from Tomorrow Syndicate. More confident and comfortable than their home-recorded album, Citizen Input adds more elements to their sci-fi/krautrock sonic compounds. 

Limited Vinyl 10" £11.99 PY95

10" mini-LP on Polytechnic Youth. Edition of 500 copies.

  • Limited edition
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Citizen Input by Tomorrow Syndicate
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7/10 Will 30 July 2019

Pronunciation and diction is more standardised in popular music. Singing removes identifying phonetic elements from accents. Ozzy Osbourne's speaking voice is a chaotic, quavering mix of slurred words and fillers like 'um' and 'ah', but when he starts singing he's totally intelligible. This is why it's so refreshing to hear a little trace of a regional accent, which is the case in Scottish band Tomorrow Syndicate's new EP 'Citizen Input'. There's something lovely about hearing ethereal, dream-poppy vocals sung in a Scottish accent. The EP on the whole is equally lovely. It's a cosmic smorgasbord of NEU!-inspired rhythms, fat saw-wave synth lines, and weird, sci-fi samples. Although I'm not really sure about the synth interludes and how essential they are, the songs 'Stranger In Space (Part I and II)', 'Captain, I Am Fading', and 'Auto-Pilot' are all superb, propulsive krauty opuses. 

9/10 Peter Customer rating (no review), 9th August 2019


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