Volume Massimo by Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini is best known as a key member of Nine Inch Nails, but he is also an active figure in the synthesiser scene. If you want to hear what all those tasty Instagram modular gear videos can do when applied to real composition, check out Volume Massimo, Cortini’s new solo electronic album. Stacks of sonics to enjoy here. Of course, Cortini has previously released a couple of awesome loner synth records for Prurient's Hospital Productions label as well as the heartwrenching, gorgeous Forse trilogy on Important Records. Lest we forget that filthy stonker on Bunker as Slumberman, plus his Sonoio output on Dais, a collaboration with mighty Japanese noise lord Merzbow among many other works.

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CD on Mute. Features alternate artwork to LP edition.

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Transparent turquoise coloured vinyl LP on Mute. Features alternate artwork (shown) to CD edition.

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Volume Massimo by Alessandro Cortini
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6/10 Daoud 25 September 2019

Boy do some people love synths. I kind of get it, there’s something almost magical about the things, playing on their own as they do. One person who loves synths is *drum machine roll* Alessandro Cortini who you may know for his help with various Nine Inch Nail related things. And on ‘Volume Massimo’, he wants you (you!) to listen to his god damn synths.

You may well have a nice time doing so. Cortini is clearly good with the things, having conjured eight five minute mini-epics for the record. The sounds are all lovely and chunky, and the layering is seamless and thrilling. Well, for a time. Cortini doesn’t seem to know what to do with his tracks beyond adding layers and upping the intensity. Pretty much every track goes the same way. Some central bassy progression that slowly becomes more expansive, while more elements join. And finally, a climax. 

On my first listen I noted down ‘Let Go’ because I thought its climax was particularly thrilling, but then I heard the rest of the record. This is what Cortini is doing on ‘Volume Massimo’. He’s very good at it to be fair, but listening to that same escalation eight times in a row is a bit fatiguing, and all but stops being impressive by the end. 

10/10 dragnetmetal 27th September 2019

boy oh boy...

It seems we have a winner for Album of the Year already!

This record is everything I have loved from Alessandro Cortini, multiplied exponentially. He sure knows how to drill melody and noise into your brain and make sure it never escapes it...

Granted, if you're not into the art of melodic repetition and timbral evolution this might not be for you, or indeed if you haven't liked Cortini's work before.

But if you are familiar with his work, this record will reinforce everything you have come to love about his music, and will provide you with endless hours of much needed sonic escape.

Highly recommended!

10/10 Letsios Customer rating (no review), 8th November 2019
1/10 Damon Customer rating (no review), 10th October 2019



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