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Duck is the new album by Kaiser Chiefs. What I’m going to focus on here is the eleventh track, titled Kurt vs Frasier (The Battle For Seattle). What are we to take from this, as a song, from Kaiser Chiefs? Where do Nirvana or Dr Frasier Crane, or indeed Seattle, fit into the universe of Kaiser Chiefs? Why have they done this? I wish I knew. On Polydor.

Staff note from Benn:
Aup me duck. 

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Duck by Kaiser Chiefs
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7/10 Daoud 31 July 2019

I was 11 when Kaiser Chiefs released their debut, and let me tell you, I was a massive fan. I have that and their second CD in my parents house and every time I listen to those songs, I feel like I’m in conversation with a younger version of myself. That said, since then I haven’t really followed the music industry’s preeminent leodiensians.

I’ve since moved to Leeds and developed a soft spot for Leeds United. The band named themselves after a club a Leeds player was signed from, and now with the ‘Leeds Edition’ of ‘Duck’ having come out on Leeds United coloured vinyl, I’ve decided to that as permission to talk about football. Leeds’ current manager is one of football’s great eccentrics. Marco Bielsa has reinvigorated the club which I can only assume is to Kaiser Chiefs’ great pleasure. So I’m not going to review ‘Duck’ as myself, but imagine what El Loco himself would make of all this.

“A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph.”

As likeable as the band are, they can’t really said to be innovators. Though there's a synthy shine to a lot of these songs, it’s very much what I remember from the band. That said lead single ‘Record Collection’ does sound like a but of a departure… in that it sounds like an old Franz Ferdinand songs.

“To run, for example, is a decision of the will.”

To be fair to Kaiser Chiefs, they’ve lasted much longer than I expected, and managed to sustain their popularity while they’ve done so. And at this point, after seven albums I can’t imagine their will power is ever going to flag.

“The issue is trying to make those passages as smooth as possible.”

One aspect of the band’s song writing that has remained unchanged is their slightly clunky transitions between verse and chorus. Sometimes it works, Ricky Wilson is one of the best at writing stadium sized choruses, but it could be  smoother. The chorus on opener ‘People Know How To Love One Another’ feels like it could be from a different song to its verse.

“When we get it we look to play with dynamism and create the spaces for improvisation.”

There’s always been a bit of unpredictability to Kaiser Chiefs’ music, and that remains true on ‘Duck’. They still sound like they’re having fun, particularly on the unbelievably named ‘Kurt vs Frasier’ (The Battle For Seattle)’ which features drummer Vijay Mistry fiddling with a bag of things. That said, some more soloing wouldn’t go amiss.

“The possible is already done. We are doing the impossible”, “if players weren’t human, I’d never lose.”

I’ll be honest, Kaiser Chiefs probably don’t share Bielsa’s single minded approach for perfection. But that’s okay, because almost two decades later they’re still doing their thing. Now it’s time for Bielsa to do his.


9/10 Marco Customer rating (no review), 29th August 2019


  • Duck by Kaiser Chiefs


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