Claustro / State Forest by Burial
(sings) All we are saying is 'Give Us an Album'. Burial's last full length LP the magnificent Untrue came out in 2007. That's 12 years ago. Since then all we get are these 12"s of which Claustro/State Forest is the latest. I know we're supposed to get excited but grrrr. Anyway it's something at least. I think I liked his last thing. Did I? I can't remember. Maybe.  

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Claustro / State Forest by Burial
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8/10 Ant 12 June 2019

I think a huge part of Burial's success and appeal is very simple - communication. When you hear his music you feel what he feels. He found his unique voice through sound from the off, and to this day, you can hear a new production and after 5 seconds you immediately know it couldn’t possibly have come from any other artist. No matter what vibe he’s on - whether he’s deploying beats, soundscapes, sample collage - it’s always distinctively Burial.

Of course, this is true of his latest work. ‘Claustro’ opens with a magical few seconds that feel like we’ve entered a time machine, and the rice crispies like snap, crackle and pop of the grubbiest, worn out run in groove. It’s as though we’ve exhumed a time damaged UKG white label, dotted with mold spores, purchased from Black Market or Big Apple circa the year 2000, and dusted it off. Burial applies his signature production/fidelity to a classic UK Garage template; brassy shuffling two-step, zig-zagging bass, cut & paste R&B vocal snatch etc. On the surface the energy is ecstatic but the overwhelming feeling I get is one of romantic yearning, heartbreak and longing.

He switches into forlorn ambient mode on 'State Forest' - a track evocative of a teenage drive beyond suburbia, seeking solitude and isolation inside a car filled with ganja smoke, gaining altitude and parking in some shady spot, watching the lights of the city shimmer through the fog and aeroplanes landing. Moments certainly wouldn’t be out of place on one of Rafael Anton Irisarri’s misty, melancholy ambient records. It’s a stark contrast to the energy of ‘Claustro’ yet seems totally compatible. The introspective, bleak but soul searching comedown after the club.

3/10 Koen Customer rating (no review), 26th June 2019



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