The Vertical Axis / The Song of Phaeton by Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)

Ian Crause was of course the more grumpy singer in Disco Inferno  - a kind of post rock Jack Dee if you will. This is the first vinyl pressing of his two post Disco Inferno solo albums which sees him making (if it's possible) even more radical work than he did during his band's heyday. A totally unique artist and these limited pressings are not to be missed.   

Limited Vinyl Double LP £28.99

Edition of 500 copies, 180g vinyl reissue 2LP set on Sonido Costa Verde housed in a gatefold sleeve with 20-page full-colour booklet. Art by Iker Spozio.

  • Limited edition
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The Vertical Axis / The Song of Phaeton by Ian Crause (Disco Inferno)
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8/10 Clinton 16 May 2019

We all know that Disco Inferno were the best band ever don't we? DON'T WE? 

Well their star is just starting to shine about a fifty fucking billion years after they existed but less well known were leader Ian Crause's pair of solo albums released circa 2013. How to explain this? Well like nothing you've ever heard before for a start. It's a kind of chaotic progressive pop electronica that takes the Disco Inferno blueprint of sample-heavy post New Order pop but takes it off into the kind of territories most pop songwriters don't go anywhere near. Crause calls it a 'filmsound' style where the sound is moving and ever evolving  -like a film I guess. 

Just read these lyrics on Black Light

"Oh I do so hate the tories, I worry for the poor, but some of what they used to say makes a sort of sense you know but when I look into their eyes it's then the blackness shows, the dullest black you see when an animal is looking back".

Then imagine it half spoken half sung over a cacophony of samples, field recordings, found detritus. Each song is a kind of clatter symphony that is hard on first (or even subsequent listens) to follow. The rantings of a madman or sheer musical genius? I'm not sure  - perhaps a bit of both. It lacks the spellbinding  musicality of Disco Inferno and you really have to choose this as the one thing you do if you are going to commit to it. 

The album The Vertical Axis is joined here by The Song of Phaeton -  a three part piece full of mythological rumblings, the clip clop of horses feet, it's a relentless near impossi-listen which makes Disco Inferno DI Go Pop sound like Adele but no-one is making anything like this, not now, not ever.

Compellingly and sometimes frustratingly unique. 


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