Mick Harris hasn’t recorded under the Scorn moniker for 7 long years. The heavy bass/dub/delay pioneer is now back with some incredibly deep and dark tones on the, perhaps confusingly titled, Feather EP. The darkness on offer here harks back to the early days of Scorn - a time when music like this was just for those in the know.

Vinyl 12" £15.99 OHM51M

4-track 12" EP on Ohm Resistance. Edition of 300 copies.

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Feather by Scorn
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9/10 Ant 20 June 2019

Pioneer and master of dread filled ten tonnes heavy bass music Mick Harris dusts off his Scorn cap and dons it for the first time in seven years. For those with a penchant for dubwise doom, this is something akin to the second coming. He did of course return to releasing records and playing shows after a wee hiatus, but that was as Fret - those productions are more dense and explosive, while there is more space to manoeuvre inside the music of Scorn.

The EP’s title ‘Feather’ is a paradox. This is, of course, HEAVY music, but think of a feather as a fishing lure (it’s well documented that Mick is a keen fisherman), something that entices you and appears harmless but is potentially lethal. And these tracks are deadly for sure, they feel as though they’d make your entire body implode if they were pulsating out of a massive dub soundsystem. As soon as ‘Feather’ hits, it’s bad vibrations all the way - an impeccable spaced out, futuristic sci-fi throbber with loads of sounds darting across the spectrum and dissolving like holographic phantom vehicles zooming past.

There are two more mixes; ‘Feather (Wittering Mole Mix)’ is a touch more minimal and stripped back to begin with, unfurling into a dank miasma of hallucinatory, ghoulish, tormenting sound. Feels like the damn thing is trying to command control of my soul like some malevolent spirit. The ultra creepy ‘Feather (Ginger Grass Mix)’ crawls along in stealth mode and sneakily detonates in all the right places - the ominous vibe kinda makes me feel like I’m prey for some terrifying alien predator.

All three mixes on here are killers, but the last tune ‘Whatever Is Touched Turns’ is the one that has me buzzing the most - a supreme hypnotic stepper that will send bassbin worshippers into absolute heaven. Scorn has reawakened from its slumber - accept no substitute!


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