Brilliant Leeds band Beige Palace have finally got round to releasing their debut LP, Leg. Odds are if you've been to enough gigs in Leeds, you've caught their stark post-punk meets folk sound. Live they're completely effervescent, the three-piece (guitar, drums, violin, everyone on vocals) have a chemistry that never fails to catch me off guard. Leg somehow captures all that on record. 

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Leg by Beige Palace
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9/10 Daoud 06 June 2019

Remember Rodan? Or June Of 44? Those bands were just as able to write something patient and beautiful as they were something angular and rough. Most important though, was that they could move between the two with ease and with grace. How it never felt contrived or clunky. How they found ways for these two extremes to coexist. I very much see Leeds’ Beige Palace as a band who can manage that.

Their long awaited debut album Leg is brilliant, and shows a band with their fingers in lots of pies. They probably sit most comfortably with the ‘punks’ but they've a clear and audible interest in the British folk tradition. And it’s this combination which makes Leg so listenable. Consider the opener, ‘Mum, Tell Him’. Here a vicious buzz saw synth plays a simple riff over and over again while one of the band (all three sing on the album) belts out a Richard Dawson-esque vocal line. The riff keeps going and going, for what feels like an impossibly long time. And then, the tension is released; guitars, drums and yelled vocals. Lovely.

‘Dr. Thingy’ follows, and  starts with an absolutely filthy guitar riff before two members of the band find themselves on their own in noisy, dissonant harmony. It’s oddly moving and again, the band are brave enough to keep repeating themselves to the point of awkwardness, before again, release.

And I haven’t even got to the lyrics yet, which are sharp and funny (‘Ketchup Dirt’ wonders when exactly ketchup starts being dirt), and the violin playing which acts as a soothing balm to go along with the abrasive guitars. I may be compromised as I want nothing more than for Leeds based bands to do well, but Beige Palace are one I earnestly believe deserve it.


  • Leg by Beige Palace


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