Are Sing Sinck, Sing by Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria

These two seem to be good friends now. The Godspeed person and the Growing lad are now officially a duo having toured together mainly to play the songs off Efrim's recent Pissing Stars opus. Everything went so well on stage that they decided to work together in a more permanent fashion and these are the first fruits. It's a heartwarming tale.   

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Are Sing Sinck, Sing by Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria
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9/10 Will 10 May 2019

Efrim Manuel Menuck from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Kevin Doria from Growing Pains have joined forces on a strange and immersive album called ‘Sing Sinck, Sing’. It’s full of squalling drones, manipulated electronics, Menuck’s anguished vocals, and beautiful melodies. I suppose it reminds me a little of Mercury Rev at their most heavenly and a kind of deconstructed, electronic My Bloody Valentine.

This record is incredibly cinematic. I can just see it soundtracking great sweeping shots of vistas and oceans. For an album that so full, be it drones, strings, or whirling synths, the music is still spacious. Menuck’s voice always seems set a little apart, like an observer glimpsing some sublime, natural event.

This is an album to bang on in the early mornings when the sun’s just starting to burn through the curtains. Menuck and Doria’s is a marriage of beauty and joy and I hope they continue to make music for many more moons.

9/10 Simon 3rd October 2019

I agree with the previous review in that this album has a beautiful sweeping melancholy and that it’s a real grower. It’s very much true that anyone expecting a Godspeed You! Black Emperor styled wig-out will initially be disappointed. But it’s also worth reflecting on the lyrics which are pretty uncompromising and thought provoking. The songs are perhaps best described as anti-capitalist spirituals from the Montréal church of dissent. And all power to them, I say. Definitely will make my personal top 20 LPs of the year and somewhere near the top at that.



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