There Is No Fight We Can’t Both Win by Mammoth Penguins

Indie pop and power aren’t words you usually find in the same sentence when describing a band, but when describing Mammoth Penguins you do. Sure enough, Emma Kupa’s vocals and guitar fit the indie-pop aesthetic, but the power generated by her rhythm section means that altogether they create quite a racket. There Is No Fight We Both Can't Win is their new album. LP and CD on Fika.

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There Is No Fight We Can’t Both Win by Mammoth Penguins
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8/10 Clinton 23 April 2019

You might not expect it from a middle aged man who works in a record shop but I do have an actual girlfriend  - and she's real and everything not someone I've just made up. One of the major issues with having a girlfriend is sharing music. It's more of a problem when one of the parties (me) likes absolutely no music whatsoever. Mammoth Penguins is her current favourite band so I've heard these songs over and over. In all kinds of places  - being sung from the bathroom, blasted at me on car journeys... though I drew the line at Mammoth Penguins being played as a background sound to sexual intercourse. 

All men have secrets and here is mine....Emma Kupa's voice is just on the wrong side of shrill and goes down my back as if someone has scraped their nails down the nearest background. Don't tell anyone, ok? Thankfully the songs she sings are catchy in the extreme and so when I play the opener 'Closure' here I'm ready to sing along to its catchy chorus. On 'Dick Move' I'm already preparing to empathise with Kupa as she calls out someone for doing something wrong once and on 'I Wanna' I hope to think my other half is singing along to the buoyant romantic lyrics particularly the chorus of 'I want to be the best lover you've ever tried I love you I love you I love' and is thinking of me. That'll do. 

But the song exemplifies how Mammoth Penguins clutch memorable melodies out of seemingly fresh air. They have a very standard guitar, bass, drums set up which lacks somewhat in colour but the simplicity is used to create naggingly familiar hooks which are sure to result in lost hairclips at this years indie tracks. They slow down perhaps too much on Let Yourself Be because we all want the indie pop party to continue forever but if you like Kupa's girl-next-door lyrical style and simplistic relatable delivery the album delivers. 

Another confession: I've given this one (maybe two) stars more than I would normally do because I'm hoping to get lucky tonight. In the past I might have feigned deafness to avoid records like this but when there is no escape you have to admit that these are endearing nagging indie earworms.   




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