Cut & Stitch by Petrol Girls

UK/Austrian half male/half female feminist punk band Petrol Girls follow up 2016’s Talk Of Violence with Cut & Stitch. As the title suggests, this album is a more experimental work, stitching together a variety of ideas and sounds. If you want a visceral blast of punk energy, look no further. On Hassle.

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Cut & Stitch by Petrol Girls
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7/10 Will 23 May 2019

The first thing I liked about this album was its press release. Usually press releases are deathly dry and boring, full of platitudes and empty statements about 'process'. Petrol Girls' press release was simple and direct. It had a distinct voice and I appreciated the honesty about 'legal troubles'. So already this record endeared to me. 'Cut & Stitch' is a punk record, and although I have a difficult relationship with modern 'punk' music I still enjoyed this album.

Petrol Girls are clearly a band that have been thinking about the progression of their music which is heartening. I especially enjoyed the introduction and little interludes that pepper this record. Autechre would have been proud of the beat on 'Interlude (They Say)'; PG please make more music like this! I digress. 

Yes it's a punk record but there are post-punky basslines, psychy guitars, and some nice spoken-word pieces. In their best moments they sound a little bit like Shellac or even Slint, especially on 'Rootless' which is one of the best songs on 'Cut & Stitch'. 

I felt the production was a little thin and would have preferred a little more bass and oomph on the faster tracks, but hey, maybe it's the Norman headphones. It's a pretty dead genre but Petrol Girls have done a good job of updating punk and making it sound fresh as well as their own. You should make techno though. 



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