Late Night Tales by Floating Points

Late Night Tales is a popular series of albums where one artist will curate an album’s worth of material suitable for late night listening. This time it’s the turn of neuroscientist Sam Shepard AKA electronic whizz Floating Points. He mixes tracks by Sarah Davachi, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, The Residents and more. It also includes his own version of a Kenny Wheeler track and a spoken word piece by wor Lauren Laverne off the radio, like.  LP and CD on Late Night Tales.

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2LP on Late Night Tales.

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CD on Late Night Tales.

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Late Night Tales by Floating Points
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7/10 Will 27 March 2019

This is the third compilation I’ve reviewed today and I’ve got to say, it’s a treat. Gone are the worries about plucking some kind of redeeming feature from an utterly uninspiring album, with compilations if you don’t get on with one track, the next track will be a complete shift in vision and focus; back of the net.

This edition of LateNightTales comes from festival darling Floating Points (or ‘Flo Po’ as he’s sometimes irritatingly referred to). A purveyor of rare groove in all its forms, I went into this record expecting a deep dive in Flo Po’s music taste and I was not disappointed; there’s Brazilian folk, American psychedelic rock, spoken word, bird noises, classic soul, and everything in between. This is exactly what it says on the tin: music for the wee smalls when, to quote Cocker, ‘you may think you’re normal, but you’re not’. Each song, while differing in tone and style, possesses a distinctly ethereal and other-wordly vibe. There are some recognisable names such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (a personal fave), as well as pretty obscure artists such as Alain Bellaiche, but the beauty of Late Night Tales is that because the compilations are personal to the artist, the unknown artists are given as much weight as the more well known ones; there’s not focus on SEO or popularity here (Now That’s What I Call Music etc you are not exempt from this).

Favourites from this include the gorgeous pieces by Allain Bellaiche (Flo Po included two of his songs on this) which are especially astounding considering that they were recorded in 1975, and the improvisational ambient stylings of Toshimaru Nakamura. Floating Points’ LateNightTales is trip into some alien-sounding and odd music, giving some much needed airtime to artists that need to be heard.



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