Mise En Abyme by Joni Void

Joni Void uses the realms of sound to address deep rooted anxieties, an aim for transcendence in sonic assembly and exploration. ‘Mise En Abyme’ uses field recordings - most notably that of friends voices - and sculpts the unique sound from their outwards. There’s this tremendous sense on the record of human connection, despite the lack of lyrical content or objective meaning.   

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180g vinyl LP on Constellation. Includes art print poster.

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CD on Constellation.

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Mise En Abyme by Joni Void
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8/10 Jamie 04 April 2019

Joni Void, then… One of the more enigmatic stars in the current, expanding Constellation roster of artists (which is saying something, as you may well know -- I hasten to add). 

Jean Cousin (for Joni is he) has lately extended -- if not exactly expanded -- his sound palette for his second LP on the esteemed Canadian imprint. A completely self-taught musician -- and obviously far, far more clever than most of us, at this piecing-sounds-together business -- Cousin seems to pull sounds out of the ether and make them sound like music, which we can listen to, with an open ear. Still plundering those phonics, throwing together his sound collage as a symphonic suite, in 12 bitesize parts.

There are some remarkably beautiful sounds, textures and juxtapositions here. Admittedly I lack the vocabulary to adequately describe these individual sounds. There are bits of human voice, possibly bubbling up from someone’s deep unconscious; strange alien pulses... and all manner of sonic detritus (most tellingly of all being everyday, workaday electronic technology). All working together, getting well enough along thanks-very-much; merging, enmeshing... to create something which affects, spellbinds -- and oddly soothes, somehow. It really oughtn’t to work quite as well as it does.

Most impressively of all though, Cousin has created a record which speaks to, of -- as well as through -- completely human connections and our ability to connect. In all sorts of exciting ways.



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