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Galerie Stratique is the brainchild of Quebec based electronic music composer Charles-Émile Beullac and Horizzons is his 2003 masterpiece that we've kindly pressed onto vinyl for you. This, we feel, is one of the most underrated gems of early 2000s electronica  - a dream like series which compress the ideas of long form ambient into shorter, 'pop length' tracks. Its hazy, woozy sound is comparable to Boards of Canada, Plaid and Arovane.      

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Horizzzons by Galerie Stratique
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9/10 Clinton 22 February 2019

We know what you like. Ok, we *think* we know what you like.

It would be unfair on this album to just say the words Boards of Canada and let you fight over it. There's so much more to it than a lazy reference. It's a gorgeous, sunbathed ride around the back roads of early 00s electronica; a dusty soundtrack of weathered synths and broken beats which has a feel of its own. But, y'know? Boards of Canada. 

Unfathomably ignored on release in 2003, the album has long been a favourite amongst those lucky enough to encounter it. Charles-Émile Beullac intended the record to be a distillation of the lengthy ambient pieces he was listening to at the time. He wanted to see how such sounds would fare as three minute pop length bursts - and the brevity of the tracks is a major selling point. Like Boards of Canada's 'Roygbiv', 'Horizzzons' leaves the listener aching for more. 'Smog Urbain' has the warmest synths you will ever encounter, great big gloops of sound which sit above subtle beats with that eerie 1970s faded photograph aesthetic always present. Everything here has that sense of strangeness that comes from soundtracking unusual structures or buildings out in the summer sun.  'Souvenir Maritimes' is like a bleached out Plaid, or a soft shoed Aphex Twin. Meanwhile Éclaircie' is a superb piece of 70s soundtrack music, the sort of thing Ghost Box excel at reproducing.          

In summary, this is an oblique ambient-pop record offering up a huge rich tapestry of hazy analog synth tones over restrained beats. A mysterious soundtrack that stands on its own terms. And if it doesn't appeal to fans of Boards of Canada, Ghost Box, Broadcast and Kraftwerk then I will *eat* a melancholic synth line in front of your very eyes. 


9/10 Ross 1st April 2019

I think the other reviews nail what this sounds like - it's that Boards of Canada reference point, that gold standard for a certain type of electronica that came out of the dance music revolution, but that also contained elements that harked back to earlier cosmic music, particularly music that came out of Germany in particular in the 1970s. Anyway this record is really really good. How it got missed back when, but sometimes really good records do get overlooked by the public, and this is one of them.

8/10 David Griffiths 6th March 2019

A really lovely release on Norman's in-house label. A re-issue if you like but for most of us a new discovery (it's quite old!). It's a collection of deeply-warm electronica choc-full of delights for those - like me - who gravitate towards electronic music tagged with adjectives like 'warm' 'foggy' 'dusty' or 'organic'. It goes without saying that minor keys and subtle tonal changes dominate, but this is no baggy effort of long-form noodling. You get eleven short and perfectly-formed nuggets which, whilst subtle and soothing, grab attention and reward with pop-like memorability.



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