Anoyo by Tim Hecker

Here is another chance to Hecker. Anoyo emerges from the same sessions as his previous album Konoyo which means it is in collaboration with members of Tokyo Gakuso. Anoyo, however, is a starker album that is described as barren, desolate and skeletal. Music for solitude, a place which is increasingly required in order to get away from this hustle bustle world. 

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Anoyo by Tim Hecker
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8/10 Jamie 23 May 2019

It’s Timmy heckin’ Hecker time, again! Billed as a sort of companion piece to last year’s Konoyo, ‘Anoyo’ is the -- atmospherically stark -- counterbalance to its predecessor’s rich lustrousness. The reedy, weaving and almost weightless opening track ‘That World’ contains timbres which seem to have been plucked from the air in which they were recorded.

Once again made in collaboration with the 'gagaku' ensemble Tokyo Gakuso during the same sessions as for ‘Konoyo’; this time the strings resonate that much more keenly and in sharp focus, the traditional instrumentation favoured by the group placed front and centre, with Tim’s flourishes of sound daubs fluttering all about. The sounds coalesce and gel in unexpectedly sturdy ways for such individual elements of fragile beauty.

In fact, in the centre of this wondrously gorgeous record is a track (‘Step Away from Konoyo’) of such serene loveliness that I just want to bathe and luxuriate in it forever -- or until I’ve absorbed enough of its charm that I feel that bit more myself again. I’m grateful, because I’ve missed my 10 minutes of calm for the day and I now feel I need to take it away with me for the remainder of my work day. This being Hecker, of course, it’s a fleeting thing and all is confusion and unease once again. ’Into The Void’ is as angular and spiky as the now-forgotten third track was soft and feathery.

A timely reminder from Tim that everything is ephemeral -- and whatever it is that you’re going through right now, don’t get used to it. For better or worse.



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