It has started. Ozit Dandelion the label that brought you that fake Martin Hannett compilation have now been given access to a mixture of live and studio recordings from the late and great Mark E. Smith and his the Fall. We all know it will be utter rubbish barrel-scraping stuff but it's the Fall innit? Expect plenty more similar releases over the coming years.   

Vinyl LP £22.49 OZITDANLP8035

180g orange coloured vinyl LP on Ozit Dandelion.

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  • Coloured vinyl
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Mark E Smith’s Personal Holiday Tony Tapes by The Fall
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1/10 Rob F 19th March 2019

Yes it will be awful, yes it will gleaned from the bottom of the very underside of a barrel that is so deep even deep sea divers can't reach it, but the excuse from Norman that they stock it because people buy it, and if they don't stock it then people with buy from Amazon instead is a pretty poor one. I thought Norman Records were the good guys but that's the most shame-faced Tory excuse I've ever heard. Why not leave the unethical profiteering to Amazon eh? You're an otherwise reputable internet record shop. Why would you want to be known as a purveyor of substandard bootlegs? Do you not understand that your listing this crud gives it an element of authenticity? And you taking stock from them encourages them to continue plundering the legacy of dead musicians?

Ha! I love it when if you admit to actually selling records to keep a business open then you are described as a Tory. We're not actually a charity. We have to take releases that sell in order to continue selling and promoting all the small direct from label records that we take chances on.  Like it or not, this is a distributed release coming through a reputable distributor. We're stocking it, with a caveat and aren't promoting it in our updates. Quite the opposite in fact. By your reckoning Boomkat, Juno, Rough Trade, Banquet, Action and all the other shops stocking it are Tory money grabbers.. because they won't be stocking it for the good of their health. It makes me despair, we're in the middle of a situation where huge conglomerates are threatening to take over the way music is sold and distributed and we're getting grief for selling a dodgy the Fall LP. 

1/10 Nick 2nd March 2019

If you know this is going to be unlistenable shite - and besmirching the reputation of a great artist whose sadly no longer with us. Why the fuck is Norman Records stocking it? No one is holding a gun to your head that you have to stock it & assuming your making a profit out of flogging it. Have a long hard look at your policy of what you choose to stock - you can knock this bandwagon jumping sell any old shite with the caveat of a sarcastic review by not stocking this shite in the first place!!!!

Editors note: Because we are a record shop and we sell what people want to buy. However rubbish these releases are, there are people who want to buy them. So the choice is this  - we don't stock them and miss out on sales....or we stock them with strong caveats. At least we are warning you! Alternatively, we'll not stock them and people will go get them from Amazon or wherever. 



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