Incidental Music by W. H. Lung

Emerging out of Manchester, W.H. Lung are a primarily studio-based project making music that between shimmering synth pop and infectious kraut rock. Theirs is a sound that encompasses parts of Talking Heads, BEAK and Cavern of Anti-Matter for a raucous and inspiring groove-ridden sound. The Dinked people love them therefore they get their own Dinked Edition (whilst stocks last). That name? It's a Chinese supermarket in Manchester. Of course!      

Vinyl Double LP £22.73 MELO121LP

Repress 180g black vinyl 2LP on Melodic. Comes in a gatefold sleeve.

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CD £9.99 MELO121CD

CD on Melodic.

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Limited Vinyl Double LP £25.99 MELO121LPX

Dinked Edition 2LP on Melodic. Bone coloured, 180g vinyl 2LP in 350gsm reverse board gatefold sleeve. Includes 260gsm art print, hand signed and numbered by the band. Limited to 400 copies.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Indies only
  • Limited edition
  • Includes download code
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Incidental Music by W. H. Lung
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7/10 Clinton 04 April 2019

W H Lung are part of a long and rich tradition following in the footsteps of German krautrock pioneers like NEU!, Faust, and Cluster, as well as 80s synth legends like New Order or Gary Numan. In the past there have been artists such as Stereolab who have also trod this path, as well as, in more recent times, bands such as The Horrors and Toy. W H Lung, a relatively new Manchester band, have taken this sound and run with it. Opener ‘Simpatico People’ very much sets the tone for the album, with propulsive, motorik rhythms, repetitive and cyclic song structure, as well as glittering, clean guitar lines (one of my favourite elements of the album). I have seen this band live before, and they would do well to recreate some of the aggression of their live performances in their recordings. There’s a moment on ‘Bring It Up’ about three minutes in when the song seems to be building to something special, with a killer drum fill, and then it settles back down again before fading out; what a missed opportunity! I feel like I am reviewer-splaining here, but it’s because I think they have the makings of something good.

In the words of Mark Kermode, ‘now, here’s the thing’. The pioneers that this band admire were all about looking forward and this is something that this album needs to do more of. They should look to the spirit of these bands, rather than the sound alone. These are more aesthetic criticisms, however, and this is still a very enjoyable LP. Take this review not as the spit-flecked, all-out criticism of the hatchet job journo with a score to settle, but the cajoling encouragement of someone who knows this group could do better. There are many elements that work well for them: the singer has a unique style which is often half the battle, they can obviously write well (‘Simpatico People’ is clearly a banger), and they take cues from all the right artists. I look forward to their next LP.

9/10 Jane Customer rating (no review), 14th July 2019



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