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Four track EP from Jensen Interceptor (previously on Boyz Noize, Central Processing Unit and more) on the venerable Craigie Knowes label. The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle is whirlwind of electro and acid that sounds like a bunch of polyphonic ringtones engaging in an elaborate and precise mating ceremony.

Vinyl 12" £10.49 CKNOWEP14

4-track 12" EP on Craigie Knowes.

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The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle by Jensen Interceptor
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8/10 Ant Staff review, 14 March 2019

My previously glorious partying career had been somewhat stunted with having 3 offspring. I’m mainly a hermit, but I do get to sneak out a wee bit now. Managed to catch Jeff Mills and D.I.E. recently so I can’t grumble. But most of my raving is done within the confines of my own home. And why not? I still buy plenty of tunes and therefore am aware that Jensen Interceptor is hot shizzle on the electro/techno scene at the minute. So at 9:10 am, the kids are at school, I’ve double dropped two Weetabix and poured about a litre of coffee blacker than my soul down the hatch and I’m cranking this mother up. Ooooffff… time for some body popping… If God himself is videoing this from heaven and uploads it to YouTube, I’ll be RUINED.

First up is ‘Aqua Lung’ no doubt a tribute of sorts to all things Drexciyan. I can kinda imagine DJ Stingray bringing things down a notch in one of his fiercely uptempo sets with this track, as it had a really woozy dreamy quality but still bangs and has some twisting acid squirming about. ‘Wave Slave’ is Direct Beat style techno bass meets Stinson/Donald and is going down pretty well - I might have to switch up my outfit into some lycra for optimum body movement. ‘Elektro’ is a decent tune with subtly distorted kicks and Speak & Spell samples. It’s a formula we’ve heard plenty of times, and this goes for the whole EP, but it’s all very well produced and executed and is basically finely tooled DJ ammo. ‘Biomedic’ has a creepy Dopplereffekt/Der Zyklus sound but maybe bangs a wee bit tougher.

He’s certainly not shy of wearing his influences on his sleeve on this record but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in terms of being solid, functional tackle to move bodies. This fella is actually playing here in Leeds this Friday 16th March 2019 at Wire. I might have to sneak out the bedroom window while everyone is tucked away in bed… hehehe.



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