WE LOVE YOU by Bilge Pump

We're all Leeds aren't we? Well yes, but none more so than Bilge Pump who have been considered stalwarts of our city's DIY scene for about as long as I've been alive. WE LOVE YOU is their first full length in ten years and the feeling is very much mutual. It's all big riffs and tight grooves, and they're as tight as they've ever been.

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WE LOVE YOU by Bilge Pump
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7/10 Clinton 20 February 2019

Sometimes the best way of survival is to just keep doing what you are doing regardless of what everyone else is doing. Bilge Pump have been playing extraordinary shows on the Leeds scene for about 20 years now. Meanwhile fashions, have come, fashions have gone. Then all of a sudden they release a new album, Marc Riley discovers them as do his legions of listeners. 

I used to go see Bilge Pump just to watch their drummer play. To be honest he could have played on his own for all I cared, I'd have still have gone. He's still a major proponent of what makes Bilge Pump a thrill. He's all over that kit making Drumbo-like patterns all over these tight taut songs. Theirs is a form of progressive noise pop which is both Jesus Lizard grungy and King Crimson progressive. Another fascinating development is that singer Edwin Jones sounds a lot like Richard Youngs here. His particularly English style delivery seemingly sits just apart from the music beneath. Mixed surprisingly high, the vocals have a dislocated quality with fascinatingly loose narratives sprawled on top of music that in another setting could easily see a growly shouty vocalist take charge. 

So this set of songs see Bilge Pump at their poppiest.. particularly on Face of Thunder which actually sees an (almost) singalong chorus. Perhaps the sense of falling apart is just lacking somewhat  -the guitars monochromatic sludge and that progressive tendency to over-play is only just kept in check. Hard to replicate their bonkers live shows but Bilge Pump have almost made a whimsical English Pop album here...or there's one trying to get out. It will sit nicely alongside the recent Hen Ogled album as an example of homegrown music on the edge of predictability.             


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