Metal Cell Meditations by Noyzelab

How often do we really take the time to ponder the universe and its infinite meaninglessness? Dave Burraston, also known as Noyzelab/Dave Noyze, invites us to sit down and do just that. The Metal Cell Meditations comes on 3 CD-R with different cuts of the same crushing saw-tooth synthesizer drone, so you can use it for both your 3-minute morning meditation and your ayahuasca ceremony.

CD £29.99 NYZ-VIID

3CD-R set on Psøma Psi Phi. Excl. distributor edition packaged in a sturdy triple-jewel case with a white cardstock insert bearing a black text decal, ink stamping, inner sticker with artist notes from David Burraston & safety sticker on rear.

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Metal Cell Meditations by Noyzelab
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9/10 Ant 10 January 2019

Released on Brian Grainger's (Milieu, Coppice Halifax) Psøma Psi Phi imprint, ‘Metal Cell Meditations' is one installment in an epic five-part series of synthesizer drone works designed for meditation by Noyzelab AKA David Burraston (NYZ, Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko) who has previously released on The Death of Rave, Cataclyst, meds, The Tapeworm, Feral Tapes, Computer Club, Fractal Meat Cuts, Entr'acte, Ge-stell, Conditional, FLUF, Gamma Mine etc.

It may initially appear to be an almost intimidatingly large body of work, but it's not difficult to get inside these sounds and let them get inside you. Essentially the series (which includes Water Cell Meditations, Earth Cell Meditations and Fire Cell Meditations, with the final edition to follow...) is a set of meticulously crafted and engineered sonics intended to be used as utilities for meditation practice rather than “albums” to be played sequentially from beginning to end. So you can dip into these works depending on duration, as their running times are allocated into “prescribed doses” ranging from three minutes to an hour. Of course, you don’t have to practice or be an expert in meditation to zone out and immerse in these sounds. The door is really open to anyone that can appreciate and is willing to experience the transcendental effects of sound waves. Mr Burraston has proved to be somewhat of a master in crafting drones that delicately and magically shift with subtle details that flutter like gently dancing flames. Currently, I’m lost inside the glorious sixty-minute piece that penetrates right to the core and vibrates every atom of my being with a narcotic-like pleasure. Say no to drugs and yes to the pure bliss and tranquillity of “sounds derived via custom designed digital microtonal oscillators [running in Lambdoma Matrix mode] and processed via the Hinton Music Lab modular”.

Note that these CD editions vary greatly in duration to the condensed digital versions and that our copies are an exclusive variant, each in an edition of just five copies. Recommended for fans of Eliane Radigue, Eleh etc.



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