Drastic Measures by Bayonne

Well Bayonne's previous album Primitives was rather excellent indeed. For those not in the know it was a fantastic sprawl through a world slightly similar to that of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear. Now the man who brought you all this Roger Sellers is back with a new work which we are hoping to be just as good. 

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Drastic Measures by Bayonne
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8/10 Clinton 20 February 2019

Bayonne's previous album Primitives was one of my favourite things of whatever 2016 was. A kind of lushly arranged song suite that encompassed buts of Animal Collective, Phillip Glass, Mew and Phil Collins. It was glorious. 

Fast forward a couple of years and there's more. We know now that Bayonne is the solo project of Roger Sellers, an Austin Texas based producer with a large moustache and Drastic Measures (starring Trevor Eve) pretty much carries on where Primitives left off. Opener is a gorgeous light dappled, sun drenched thing with aching vocals splayed across it. A slow and seductive beginning to the record which segues into the title track where the production and pounding percussion helps remind you that Bayonne often come across like a less wacky Animal Collective. This is Bayonne's biggest chorus yet and it erupts out of the maelstrom of sound giving an almost stadium sized feel to proceedings despite the intricate instrumentation on show. 

So this is Bayonne being a little more direct and less obtuse than before. Perhaps some of the magic has been erased as a result but Drastic Measures is still a force to be reckoned with. An unhurried and at times sprawling work, Bayonne's classical-influenced take on pop is still very rewarding indeed. It's a layered propulsive album that showcases talents that need to be much more widely heard.   

8/10 John83 1st April 2019

Bayonne's back! As you presumably know if you've read this far, this is the follow up to his 2016 album Primitives, which has been one of my most enjoyable musical experiences in a long while. I can't even recall why I bought it; presumably because Team Norman told me to. Either way it was one of those albums that I just couldn't stop playing and that made me happy every time I heard it. I couldn't quite believe that it was all the work of just one guy, what with the magical-looping-driving-ethereal melodies punctuated by addictive tribal drumming. It still sounds great even now! Drastic measures picks up pretty much where primitives left off and continues in much the same manner, not an album that you dip into or chop up into a playlist but something to be consumed in it's entirety and enjoyed for the piece of art it is. Roger Sellers has definitely honed his music into a more coherent, confident sound and for me, it really works. The tracks all flow beautifully into one another so I can't even pick out a highlight to recommend, if you still need convincing just listen to "Marim" from the first album. Then buy it!! Buy them both!!!



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