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Kane Software’s resident saxophonist and Don’t Drone Alone’s resident pen-pusher is a certain Robin Smith former dogsbody for Norman Records™  - writer of about a billion of these blurbs over the years. 

Robin - and your fellow partner-in-Kane Matthew, for that matter - I’m not gonna give it to you how you want. No, I’m not. I’m not gonna spend the whole description referring to your band as Harry Kane Software or wondering why it doesn't sound like Travis. You see, this cassette, full of screeching drones and ghoulish digital meltdowns, is very good value at £4.99. However, we think they have missed a trick at not pricing it at £6.66.

Limited Tape £4.99 dda006

Tape on don't drone alone. Limited edition of 50 copies.

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dda666 by Kane Software
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8/10 Ant 09 January 2019

Kane Software are a Leeds sax + computer duo “combining to have a nice time”. Their debut cassette opens with ‘Alternate Ending to Dks3’, a live recording featuring one of the pair introducing themselves “Hi, we’re Kane Software and we love to party…”. What follows probably isn’t most folks idea of a party, that is unless your idea of a party involves coruscating noise drilling into your cranium. Horn wielder Robin lets rip like a possessed Bleeding Gums Murphy with a torrent of blurts, bleats, skronks, squeaks and blue whacked out sax motifs. The dense, harsh noise becomes increasingly intense - the effect like being sandblasted by granular sound that shreds flesh from bone. Think; Merzbow, Borbetomagus, Peter Brötzmann, Whitehouse, Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton’s ‘Black Vomit’ et al. Gotta hand it to these guys - this is way gnarly. Sounds like the audience got a proper skull f*****g.

Next up is the eighteen and a half minutes of '#33' where the blowing of the devil's horn sounds truly tortured, while the electronics come like an attack by a suffocating swarm of zillions of tiny insect-like creatures infesting every orifice. Like the previous track, it ends in a climax of thuggish shrieks and violent, ruptured, churning, brutal noise. The audience of what sounds like no more than 10 people sounds ecstatic.

On the second side of the tape we get ‘Demonic Saxophone MP3’ which is comprised of sax recordings processed by computer and begins in a delicately fluttering ambient mode before it gets fully demented and explodes into a frenzy of decapitating, blistering racket. I can’t help but feel I’m being showered by molten lava and it feels pretty exhilarating.



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