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A lot of people are guesstimating that Garrett is the secretive alias of boogietronica legend Dam-Funk. While this has been neither confirmed nor denied at the time of writing (17:00, 29th October, Year Of Our Lord 2018) people are, like, 99.9% sure - D-F’s real name is Damon GARRETT Riddick, after all. What’s more, the smooth-ass synth tracks that make up the Private Life II LP bear more than a passing resemblance to the D-F sound. This one’s out via Music From Memory.

Vinyl LP £15.99 MFM 036

LP on Music From Memory aka Dam-Funk.

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Private Life II by Garrett
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8/10 Andy 27 November 2018
When Private Life appeared on Music From Memory there was a brief period of 'where has this come from?' However the secret didn't last long - Garrett was promptly revealed to be Dâm-Funk, which whilst dispelling the air of mystery largely served to create more excitement about the project. Dâm-Funk being well known for his crunchy synths and boogie-funk releases on Stone Throw - whereas MFM were carving a niche in releasing last ambient, experimental and leftfield music from the 80's and beyond. It turned out that this was something of an ideal partnership with the first Private Life coming correct with Dâm-Funk's trademark synths, but infused with a more chilled, less dirty feel than the work under his previous moniker.     So Private Life II reaches us, and to be fair gives us more of the same, but with a slightly gentler & more ambient feel. “Gotta Get Thru It” drops into a quiet, percolating beat, with synths sweeping you along for the ride. This is less the bumpty-bump of Damon Riddick's material as Dâm-Funk - rather a gentle cruise along Big Sur, roof down heading towards the sunset. “Awaiting The Light” is the album’s stand out, an opus of synths that radiates light - listening to this album put me in mind of John Carpenter soundtracks if he made escapist road movies bathed in sunshine rather than dark horror.    Private Life’s tracks tended to have bit more drive, a bit more in common to the Dâm-Funk oeuvre, on Private Life II a lot of the beats of the first album are stripped away leaving ambient synths that ebb and flow over several minutes. “Conflicted Lovers” builds and builds  into an emotive extended synth solo that is unmistakably Dâm-Funk, but also very Music From Memory too. This is ambient funk designed to kick back to, rather than to get on the good foot with. This is the afternoon sunshine to Dâm-Funk's late night filthy strip club boogie and is delightful.    Stripping away the rhythm section from his music, leaves melody & space as the centre pieces to the album - gentle percussion, and even beatless tracks glide by, focusing on atmosphere rather than driving beats. This is both a strength and weakness, the albums relatively short length  (35 minutes) means that the whole things passes by too quickly, it may have been nice to extend some of the shorter tracks to allow you to become fully enveloped in the hazy vibe of the record. That said, fans of Dâm-Funk will love it - those seeking something to enjoy a jazz cigarette with should delight to this - you just may be left wanting to munch on a bit more when its done. Furthermore - 'ambient funk' does sound like something I'd like to hear more of. 



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