Furnace of Guts by Shackleton

Lancashire born electronic producer Sam Shackleton has tried his hand at various musical styles in his time. He ranged from school punk bands to dancehall duos before settling on becoming an electronic whizz and label owner. Furnace of Guts is Shackleton’s latest 12” slice of spacey dance music on his own Woe To The Septic Heart label.

Vinyl 12" £9.99 SEPTIC06

12" on Woe To The Septic Heart.

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Furnace of Guts by Shackleton
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9/10 Ant 20 October 2018

Shackleton returns to his own Woe To The Septic Heart! label with his first solo material in a while. We get two cuts on this EP clocking in at a total of around twenty glorious minutes.

‘Furnace of Guts’ takes us on an outernational/intergalactic psychedelic journey as only Shackleton can. I defy any human to sit still while this tune is blasting… it’s like a celebratory party/carnival taking place in some lost tribal alien civilization, somewhere in a distant galaxy. It begins with alien-like manipulated vocal chants and gets wonderfully hectic with infectious uptempo polyrhythms like a thousand mallet’s beating on xylophone/glockenspiel/vibraphone/marimba creating a dense wall of rhythm that’s intense, chaotic, frantic and just pure magic. It gets even BETTER on the flipside with the darker, ritual-like ‘Wakefulness & Obsession’ where vocals are stretched out into spooked, disorientating head mashing drones underneath stuttering percussion that sounds like it could all fall apart, while heavier drums sound as though they’re being sucked backwards into a vortex. A proper wet sounding acidic synth gurgles and sputters like some weird molten neon green ooze, while a dark choral drone pulls us further into the zone. The ghosts of dubstep and techno linger throughout, but neither take full control as things warp and wriggle, never locking entirely into a single groove. A proper corker this one, with immense bass to boot. This pumping out of a big system will make dancers leave the planet - guaranteed.

Highly recommended and with suitably bizzaro art as ever from Zeke Clough.


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